Giancarlo Orsini

Training & Learning Manager at Banca Mediolanum.
In the past he achieved professional experience as Commercial Responsible at Honda dealer in Modena. He has grown up in Banca Mediolanum where he has been working since 1993, starting with the management of a group of 36 Family Bankers, actually he helds the position of Training & Leaning Manager of Banca Mediolanum.
In 2008, thanks to his passion fot technology and innovation, he has crated a seminar called Progress, which name today is “110 is Progress”, who has lead him to meet in the last years more than 100.000 people. In 2009 he has started with the first “path” of Financial Education for customers: Invest for my future.
Today, “110 is Investment”. Since 2012for Mediolanum Corporate University he is the Responsible of training for customers for the areas of Innovation and Financial Education. Since 2012 he is also the author of the website “Look at your future”