A journey, an idea, an awareness campaign, a showdown: Tesla’s Future is all this. An innovative project and, above all, sustainable.

We will depart from Rome and arrive at North Cape, before returning to Italy, to Venice, with a car, Tesla Model S, zero emissions, without using any type of fossil fuel, using only the network Tesla Supercharger.

Electric mobility is not only the best alternative to the most noble mobility with fossil fuels, but it is the first choice should be the first choice, if we want our planet increasingly drown in pollution. Our journey not only prove to the unbelievers the sustainability of electric vehicles, but also equal opportunities compared to vehicles using fossil fuels.

Gender equality and environmental sustainability as well as economic, are the privileged way to the revolution in progress. A revolution that is actively or passively accepted or is, a choice that is up to all of us!

The other big important goal of our mission is to raise funds for BioMedical Open Initiative, a not profit organization that uses technology to help people, worldwide, who can not afford adequate care.

Love for the planet and love of neighbor, two sides of the same coin, which can be translated into love for humanity, the purest form of love there is!



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